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Requirement for Seaman certificate of competency (COC).

seaman certificate of competency

Are you in search of how to acquire seaman certificate of competency (C.O.C)?

Have you been in doubt about what country’s COC you really need? Or the country that will meet to your financial situation and as well saver to the majority of ship flags?

On this article, we will discuss more details which may advise you more for better understanding.

Firstly, before considering any marine training center, maritime institute, or a place to run your STCW courses, you must consider how well their certificates recognize worldwide.

Some countries seaman certificate of competency may recognize by limited flag states, which will as well limit job offers on any ship with such a flag.

Seafarers COC training courses
sailing yacht – As posted on our Facebook yacht group

Let’s take for example the European flag states, listed country’s  for seaman certificate of competency on their blacklist. This restricts any Seafarers holding such COC from working onboard ships within Europian state flag.

In the last five years, a country like Georgia was on the list above, but not long ago, they worked on reforms to correct corruption which lead to that blacklisting. Recently the restriction has lifted.

According to the EU white list countries for seafarers training and certification, it’s easy to understand a better place that fit your budget.

You can learn more as listed on international maritime organization (IMO) website about “STCW Parties’ certificates that are recognized for service on ships flying their flag

What are the seaman certificate of competency (COC) requirements?

The requirements are base on the rank you wish to upgrade. We have previously posted an article regarding documents required for 3rd class COCNow let’s talk about 2nd class and 1st class COC.

As per the rules, before applying for COC class two to class one, you will require a minimum of 18 months sea experience on the previous rank. Likewise, if you are upgrading from 3rd class to 2nd class.

But in 3rd class to 2nd class COC process, you will need to update all STCW certificates to management level. See more guide on STCW courses.

Furthermore, for UK seaman certificate of competency (COC ) for example, you will need to spend about six months or more ( Course period). This you can apply online via any UK recognized Maritime training center.

Some countries have different methods and exam set-up, but they all aim for one goal. Example Ukraine and other Formal USSR states, use some different method. Before you sit for seaman certificate of competency (COC ) in those areas, you must be a maritime degree holder. Check out the listed documents as explained marked on part one and part two.

Note: Here are Approved maritime centers on some countries our team can verify about. Please if you have more, list them on the comment below, to help others.

For the listed; maritime approved  training center in Manila

List of Maritime approved training center in Ukraine

List of Maritime approved training center in the UK, US, and others

Please if you have more to list, kindly indicate NAME and LOCATION on below comment box.


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    Goodday sir/ma.
    I am a Nigerian and a graduate of national diploma Nautical science from Federal college of fisheries and marine technology. which is a maritime institution in Nigeria and i have 12 month sea-time onboard a tanker ship of 12,000grt please do i meet the requirement to apply for Ukraine certificate of competency.

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