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Job at sea : 4 Tips to Help You Choose A Good Shipping Company

Job at sea

When it comes to job at sea, every one out there wants to get good shipping company, and related benefits in other to meet up with family needs and probably earn more cash for shore establishment.

Since working at sea, relays on age, strength and fitness, one must meet up before time knock off.
However, there’s one question most seafarers and merchant navy cadets do ask “how to get in a good company?”

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Actually, the word “good shipping company” when referring to maritime job is usually understood as a company with decent working conditions, well safety practices, values efforts of crews on each fleet ship, high salaries and wages paid on time.

Well, not all seamen are qualify to board such company, infact in my own opinion,requirements of such companies are in such a standard in which only brave sailors can key to their jobs.

Anyways, since you know yourself ability and willing to receive appropriate remuneration for your work, all you need to do is “LEARN” the remove the Letter “L” to “EARN” better.

How to Join good shipping company?

Anyone pursuing to work at sea, is doing so to earn money, and not just because of great love for the sea or ship. In order to choose a good company, rather than grab onto the very first offer or even hesitating without asking how much they will pay for your hard work, risk and months of distance from family, you must meet the some certain requirements, which includes:

Getting a marine education and proper taining – This will enable you have in hand all the necessary maritime documents. They are licensed diploma or certificate of rank competency (COC) and seafarer’s identity card (SID) and a seafaring book (CDC) .

Under go a marine medical board yellow fever vaccination and examination – there will be need to get yellow fever vaccinated and card, infact some companies require a drug test as well ; all these documents are required to work in any company, without them you will not be hired in any case. though in  addition to these requirements, serious companies require work experience in the specialty, good feedback from previous jobs, as well as knowledge of the English language ( for non English speaking). This is where many people have problems.  You might have passed English lessons during your school or academy time, duo some people leave school with zero knowledge of the English language. It’s recommended to get a personal English teacher, or use some good language app to help yourself.

To be issued certificates in accordance with the STCW 78 Convention – Firstly the four basic STCW training certificate, and other certificates you will need are necessary to define your specialty, you can see Certificates for work at sea .

A primitive computer test in English, for example Marlins. It may turns out to be an insurmountable obstacle to a good salary company. It should be noted that in serious companies such a test is the second step for dropping out non-English-speaking candidates (the first is a questionnaire in English, which also has problems), and then the more serious CES 4.1 . And only those who successfully pass all three steps are allowed to interview in English with the company manager.

Here on marine and offshore insight, we have provided some tools to get you prepare for interview. don’t forget  at the interview, any topics can be raised, both in the specialty and in general. Try to study even more than your rank. If you can fool a computer during computer tests, then at the interview with manager you will find out your true level of English language and spacility performance. 

Company research and recommendations – always use your valuable time to make a company research, not wasting time on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks watching photos and videos. When you read about companies and got a recommendation from maritime agencies, then you will quickly understand what the company is all about. Agent needs money the way you need it, recommendations might be very beautifully painted, but when you board vessel, you are to face the challenges.

Hopefully this guide by Jonathan tanker fleet crew helps some young and old sailors  out there. If you have any contribution or questions to ask, kindly drop them on the comment box below.

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