Ship water ingress

How to respond to flood incident On board

No one expects incidents like a flood, fire, and other ship emergencies.

But sometimes they do occur, and required one to be well informed and know more regarding what to do during flood incident.

In the earlier ages of shipping, when shipbuilding technology has not advanced to the present level, ships are built with a single bottom and therefore place a high risk or direct ingress in case of leakage on the hull.

In the recent shipbuilding technology, the error has been amended and reduce flooding incidents. But still, sometimes we may have ingress of water to the double bottom space… Which with time, it can find its way to the deep tanks or compartment.

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To keep in check, ship crews need to sound the tanks at least twice a day, keeping the records of the levels, visit and check compartments that are not regularly visited. In doing these, you can easily know when you have increased in water level or flood in a compartment.

Once found a flood in a compartment or increase in tank level, it’s important to quickly lock the compartment or tank, alert the officer on duty or report for assistance. Make an arrangement to start the bilge pump or pump attached to the tank to keep the tank or compartment dry, visit and find out the leaked area after passing due safety process of enclosing space entering.

When the points are being found, make a report which indicates the location, size, and gives some clear photos. This information will enable the underwater welders or in drydock to fix the issue completely.

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