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Life and health insurance – why it’s important for seamen.

Job at sea never been an easy task, following all life and health risk. Therefore as a seafarer, it’s important to secure an insurance for yourself.

Having said that, we are to talk about the major challenges about the insurance, and also let you know more importance of life or health insurance.

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Firstly, how do you choose suitable insurance company, who can stand for you during difficulty without manipulation or breaking the contract?

How to choose insurance company

1) before choosing an insurance company, you need to make a very good research about the company’s past reputation. That will enable you understand the company’s financial status, how long they are in the market, what exact product they are selling, there values, communication and support to clients, check for the company leadership and management past records, etc.

2) understand the people whom you deal with; if they are main insurance company or independent agent who run product reselling.

3) confirm their area of coverage; this will make you understand how you can manage with them in case you are not in their coverage area.

4) Sometimes you may consider the price because the less the price, the less coverage. In case of such,you may like to buy additional package to boost the main package.

Let’s take for example: if main package cost $200 per year, and you got $60,000 equivalent of coverage, by buying extra $50 may boost the value to $100,000. In this case, you will pay less but have enough to be covered.

5) Consider means of a transaction of the company. As a seaman, you might not be onshore all time. It’s possible to get your insurance expired during your stay onboard ship. Therefore paying via online, bank transfer, etc. may also save you time and avoid policy break.

Why you should consider contract insurance values?

As a seafarer, while signing contract with any of the maritime company; you need to consider the amount to be paid to you in case of accident, death, or other unexpected issues. This adds to your value to the company and also interprets if the company follows the MLC rules or not.


With all of the above mentioned subjects, your job and services will be protected and gives you more assured that all will be fine with you and family while at sea.

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