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Reason why safety valve may open.

Reason why safety valve may open.

On this article we are going to discuss on the possible reason why safety valve may open.

Lets say you have blown through the generator by air or hand tuning and when you start it, there  came a loud sound like “tat.. tat.. tat.. .” Probably very afraid, thinking it is a crankcase explosion… Thank God it was not. Suddenly realization dawns; you saw safety valve that has lifted. It lifted because there is an uncontrolled combustion inside the cylinder which can be due to the following:

A. Defective fuel oil valves.

B. Wrong fuel pumps timings.

C. Engine is over cooled.

D. Dripping fuel injectors.

E.  Fuel linkage problems or fuel rack stuck in maximum position.

F. The opening pressure of the safety valve is low caused by a broken spring or a loosened nut.

Actually,  on the modern engines,  some other safety measures has been put in place to manage such conditions.  We will discuss that in the next article.  Subscribe with us for more.