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Ship CO2 Misoperation Killed 10 and 19 hospitalised

Five important things you must know while handling ship CO2 system

A bulk carrier ship “MV Jin Hai Xiang” while undergoing repairs at Rongcheng Longyan Port, near shandong, China encountered an unexpected tragedy where 3rd officer of the vessel misoperated carbon dioxide (CO2) the main fire extinguisher.

According to the incident report, 10 crews were found dead while 19 hospitalised at the local hospital in China. Presently the 19 recovered crews are still taking treatments while some are already confirmed healthy. Also, (See Five important things you must know while handling ship CO2 system

Ship CO2 Extinguishing System
Ship CO2 Extinguishing System

However, the police investigation is still on, while the third officer of the vessel whom police suspected might have mis-operated the CO2 fire fighting system is still under detention and maybe charge to court if confirmed true. See Important Rules to Follow Before Activating Ship CO2 Extinguishing System

The ship which is owned by state-run Fujian Shipping Group was built in 1994. MV Jin Hai Xiang is about 69,100 DWT and docked for repair and maintenance project at Xixiakou Shipyard, started from May 24, 2019, which should be completed in 22 days.

If you are a Cadet or 3rd officer,we recommend you to read more about third mate and 4th engineer duties.

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