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Six Months OOW Course for AB,Motorman,Fitter,OS, Others.

2019/2020 maritime academy admission

6 months OOW course: Introducing new opportunity for all intending seafarers who desire to have a successful career at sea with the pioneers of Seamen Institute of Maritime Education and Development.

An affiliate program with Admiral Ushakova maritime Institute located in the Port city of Kherson in Ukraine.

Before now the Institute had lots of students around Europe and some part of Asia,But presently the institution has gotten licence to include students from Africa, more Asian countries and beyond.

However, from 1st September 2019 will be commencement of six months training program for those who can not afford a Bsc program due to financial challenge but could afford to build his career from the “RATING” standpoint , the rating courses which is for six months,within this six months,you will be train to work on any types of merchant ships.

Also (Read Requirement for seafarers certificate of competency

On completion of the program, you will be issued the following documents:

1- Certificate of training (Diploma).

2- Certificate of Competency (COC)

3- Five mandatory certificate

4- Seaman discharge book

5- Ukrainian seaman passport.

We are aware that most young men who had desire for maritime education has challenges with finance in going through a four years academic program this explains why we put up this opportunity for those who wanted to pursue their career at sea could now do so through the seamen institution of maritime development(SIMED)

Its on this ground we are extending this great opportunity to invite interested individuals,companies,sponsors etc to send their students or staffs to our institution and take advantage of golden privilege to get the best from
this offer.

The Seaman’s watch keeping 6 months course details.

“Kherson maritime training center offers opportunity to get the working profession of an able Seamen and Motorman for citizens of other countries.

For this we provide an invitation, on the basis of which everyone can get a visa and come to Kherson. After obtaining a visa, you must go through
the procedure for obtaining a residence permit.

After obtaining a residence permit, you will be enrolled in the relevant courses, you will be able to receive seamen’s documents, such as a seamen’s passport and a seamen’s record book, and will pass the required advance sea training courses in four areas.

The full package of documents that you receive after graduation consists of:

– Training diploma of a Seamen or Motorman
– Working diploma of a Seamen or Motorman
– Seamen’s Record Book
– Seaman’s Passport
– Certificates: 1) STCW Safety Familiarization, Basic Training for all Seafarers, 2) STCW
Security-Related Training and Instruction for All Seafarers, 3) STCW Advanced Fire Fighting,
4) STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

The full course is designed for 6.5 months. Below are the preparation dates for each of the
courses or documents:

– Training diploma of a Seamen or Motorman – 6.5 months
– Working diploma of a Seamen or Motorman – 3 weeks
– Seamen’s Record Book – 1 week
– Seaman’s Passport – 3 weeks
– Certificates – 5 weeks

Courses of Able Seamen or Motorman can only be started from the moment of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. After receiving the full package of documents, you can return to your country and be able to
work at sea as a Seamen or Motorman without any additional documents.”

Do you have any questions Or Interested to apply? Send Email for direction.

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