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Fishing Vessel crash into break wall

The crews onboard fishing boat fear death as the vessel crash into break wall off Racine WI around 04:15 am today.

The eyewitness who made it known to boat owners group said ” the boat probably ran into break wall due to poor visibility”

Photos also showed lots of fog, which was not friendly. Asking about the crews onboard, it was not clear if anyone was hurt as the rescue team arrived for assistance.

photo of the vessel after collision break wall
photo of the vessel after the collision- as published on boat owners group. all rights reserved

This came about 04:15 am local time, as they saw the fishing boat hit the very end of the break wall named “cove”.

The boat as said, “was on her way with charters customer onboard to check in for the start of salmon -O-Rama” they were coming from Kenosha WI.

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Moreover, in this particular area, there are lots of vessel wrecking over WI, which means the same problem has been there for a long time.

Prevention action required to avoid another vessel collision


  1. Marks with reflecting lights should be available, to enable the captain or pilot keep clear from the break wall.



Poor visibility due to fog
Poor visibility due to fog


  1. Amendment can be made to the cove, to give easy turning access.

  2. The captain or pilot should keep to fog navigational rules, to avoid suchlike.

  3. If not can be done about the restructuring, the port can keep to a law enforcing ships to standby during such fog.

We will update once we got more information about the vessel condition and her crews.


If you have more details about this vessel, let us know on the comment box.

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