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Big Loss as a boat Cut fire

boat got fire in jetty

It was a big loss as a boat cut fire in boat jetty today at South Florida Naples. The pictures published by Mr. Conte showed very large smoke coming out from the boat.

boat got fire in jetty
the boat got fire in jetty

According to his post on a boat owners facebook group. it’s not clear if someone was inside the boat or not. Thanks to the Boat community and safety personnel who came to help arrest the fire from spreading to other boats.

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At the moment(while writing this article), It’s still not confirmed what was the cause of the fire and condition of the boat owner.

The possible reason why the boat cut the fire

With experience on such issue, sometimes improper electrical connections may result in overload to the cables, which will gradually melt and turn to fire, if not discovered in time.

Secondly, Fuel pipe leakage in contact with the engine exhaust may also result in such large fire. Therefore its recommended for the boat owner to check all area before starting the boat engine.

Sometimes, the boat owner should try to recheck AC  connections, light connections, and switches. If not well familiar with how to check them, you can contact professionals who will carefully check them, renew old switches and cables if required.

What is the preventive action to such incidents?

The preventive actions I will recommend to boat owners are as follows;

  1. Make sure to check your boat properly before starting.
  2. Check your battery heads for proper tightening.
  3. Update pipes and cables at regular interval
  4. Arrange your Cables in a proper way.
  5. While your engine is running, check for leakages and rectify them.
  6. Make sure to have more fire extinguisher onboard, to help stop any minor fire at the beginning.
  7. Do not leave your electrical equipment on while off the boat.
  8. Renew Batteries on time if required.

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