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Italian Navy Logistics Support Ship (LSS) Caught fire in La Spezia

Logistics Support Ship (LSS) and ship yard area

The vessel belonging to Italian Navy caught fire at about 2200 Italian local time(ILT). The naval Logistics Support Ship (LSS) “VULCANO” which was under construction at Fincantieri Ship Yard, La Spezia yesterday night 22 July caught fire with the midship areas and Superstructure sections reportedly, affected by the fire.

The vessel which was to be commissioned the next year 2019 experience her first fire hazards, according to the eyewitness, there was no human casualties reported at the time of this post.

At about 0630 ILT, July 23, the major fire seems under control, with the deployment of several tugs with water cannons, shore fire team and shipyard fire team, who put to there efforts to arrest the fire.

Logistics Support Ship (LSS) and ship yard area
Logistics Support Ship (LSS) and La Spezia incident shipyard area, Image edited and all rights reserved

Source of fire

It was not clear on what exactly caused the fire. But with shipyard working experience, the cause could be of the following instance:

1. Either the welders left work, without checking properly for hot areas clear from any possible burning substance.

2. Electrical connection overloaded.

3. Chemicals or paints on halogen lamp area, which heat up and caught fire.

Note: In ship drydocking, requires care to avoid the above mentioned.

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If you have more information regarding the incident, please let us know more on the comment section.

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