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Caution to Seafarers: Pirates Attacks on Merchant Vessel in Gulf of Guinea

Reported Pirates areas in Gulf of Guinea
As a matter of urgency, merchant ships trading in the Gulf of Guinea has been advised adhering to the piracy-specific Best Management Practice (BMP5) and transit with caution.
The ARX Maritime Anti-Piracy barriers feature in the latest BMP5 is a recommended measure to support vessels on safe trading on the area.
Therefore, same information has already sent out warning seafarers to also exercise caution in the Gulf of Guinea after repeatedly reports of pirate activities in that area.
According to a report published on arxmaritime.com with An incident file “005/JUL/2018” along with a description; “UKMTO has received a report that an incident occurred to an MV on the 242130UTCJUL18 in PSN 1447N 01444E.”

2018 Analysis On Merchant vessels Pirates attacks in the Gulf of Guinea

Following the report published on  International Chamber of Commerce(ICC), Since the beginning of the year 2018, Pirates attacks have increasingly doubled the rate received in 2017. With lots of crew kidnapping, tanker ship hijacking, vessel boarding and threatened.
Reported Pirates areas in Gulf of Guinea
Map of reported Pirates areas in the Gulf of Guinea

We also join the maritime safety communities to advise all ships trading on the area mentioned above, to be on alert and maintain proper pirates watch keeping. We hope in near future, a  permanent solution to arrest the criminals and bring peace and safe trading zone in the area.

Since this crime started, it has brought a major set back to the West African maritime industry and requires fast attention
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