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What STCW stands for and who needs it?

Know more about What STCW stands for and who needs it?

STCW stands for Standard Training Certification and Watching.

It is a worldwide Maritime convention that ensures a lateral standard of training is achieved across all countries in the world.

Let’s take for instance you’re a chief engineer from Africa, Europe, Asia or America, you will have to undergo similar training in accordance with the STCW convention. Know more about What STCW stands for and who needs it?

Documents required to become a seafarer or mariner

At the very minimum, you will need to obtain STCW Basic Courses in order to apply to work on a ship. These courses can usually be completed within a week or more – during one block booking – at a designated STCW training center.  Check your country’s Maritime board.

Who needs STCW?

STCW are obtainable for anyone wishing to work on commercial vessels that are over 24 meters long. You will have to obtain STCW qualifications/courses before they seek employment. The type of courses/qualifications you’ll need will greatly depend on the position you’re applying for and the post you’ll be assigned to once you’re on the ship.

For Certificate of Competency ( COC)  course and where to get it

The STCW 1978 was amended on the 21-25 June 2010, this adds more required documents of which all seafarers need to undergo the courses and acquires more knowledge. The Manila amendments to the STCW Convention and Code entered into full force by 2014.
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