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Live Incident On Board Ship

Live Incident On Board Ship

This was a live incident which happened on board ship, which involved serious injury to an ordinary seaman (OS).

According to the eyewitness and the email sent across the fleet ships, it added that the vessel had to anchor at Buenaventura, the chief mate decided that one Able seaman (AB) and OS will assist him for anchoring the ship. It was decided by the captain that the anchor will be walked back instead of letting go, anchor. Gear was engaged and when the captain ordered to walk back the anchor, AB who was in charge started lowering anchor when suddenly he heard OS shouting for help.

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They immediately stopped and noticed that OS legs was between the rolling wheel and was very badly injured.

Whom to be blamed?

Well to me, both supervisor, operator and OS are to be blamed. They lack:

  • Safety Awareness
  • Self-risk Assessment
  • Inadequate Supervision
  • Proper toolbox meeting
  • Teamwork

How to avoid such incidents onboard ships?

It’s important that the senior officers conduct proper toolbox meeting, which will point out where all dangers associated with work scopes.

Also strictly briefed to implement safety awareness and cultures on board. Ensure proper confirmation prior giving orders to any operations.

It’s also important that the officer in charge to encourage ship crews to carry out self-risk assessment prior commencing any job assigned on board.

They use to say, your safety your career.

It’s better to stop and clarify rather than to be sorry later…

Remember you are your own last line of defense. Safety first.

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Don’t end your career like the OS. You can start as OS and finish as Captain.

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