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Ship crew responsibility during emergency!

Ship crew responsibility during emergency!

Onboard ship, emergency is one of the things that we never pray for, but it sometimes happen.

Therefore ship crew responsibility during emergency are things were most always take into consideration while onboard. Its very important that all crew onboard know there responsibilities and duties during emergency.

On this article, we are going to looking into how to keep the crews informed about there responsibilities, duties and position on each form of emergency alarms.

Before we link to the main objective of this post, i will like to list some ship emergency alarms you may know and the ship crew responsibility when it happen:

Five main ship emergency alarms and functions

1. Fire Alarm

Fire is one of the common dangerous emergency which always happen onboard ship. Most time fire may occur due to human error, equipment malfunction, over heating of the electric connections, etc. The emergency alarm to alert about fire onboard is continuous ring of the ship bell or horn. When this happen, it’s the ship crew responsibility to stop the fire before it becomes uncontrollable. All duties and manuals , regarding fire fight are provided onboard.

2. Man Overboard Alarm

Man over-board is part of emergency which we do encounter onboard ship, either due to human mistake ( mainly) or unexpected occurrence. therefore when a crew or passenger falls overboard, an alarm always release to alert for quick rescue of the person. The alarm for man over-board always three ringing of the ship internal bell(which alert the crews ), followed by three long blast of the ship horn ( which alert other ships). When this happens, the ship crew responsibility, is to help call for an attention, help and organize fast rescue.

3. Abandon Ship Alarm

This is the most dangerous alarm for seafarers and the ship owner, we don’t pray for it, but sometime can happen due to act of God. To alert the crews and passengers about abandon ship or when the ship is not out of human control, General alarm are being sound, which all crew and passenger most quickly responded by quickly muster at the muster station, then followed by the Captain (Master) verbal pronunciation order of abandon ship. All duties and ship crew responsibility during abandon ship can be found on the notice areas of the ship, also in individual cabin.

4. Ship Security alarm

Ship security alarm are mostly built into the ocean going ships and/or ships who operate in the piracy area. This alarm is independently connected outside from ship general alarm, which sounds silently (To alert crews for pirate attack ) and at the same time sends signal to the coast authorities all over the globe via satellite to alert the coast security about piracy attack to the ship. The alarm button are mostly built in two places, the safe haven and in masters cabin. Each ship crew responsibility are posted in every cabins, check and respond base on your duty.

5. General Ship Alarm

The ship general alarm are mostly sound in different occasions, this comes with seven short ring and one prolong ring of the ship bell or seven short blast of the ship horn followed by one prolong blast. The ship crew responsibility when this alarm sound is to quickly check what was the alarm for, and act fast.

Main Objective

Now we know the main ship alarms and there functions, which includes to this post objective. There is need for you to also know how to keep up with these alarms, by knowing your responsibility as a crew on-board.

Also,( read about ship mooring safety tips

when you newly join onboard, its recommended for you to take note of all the above alarms, check on your duties on each alarm. Most time, the management do give 7 days ship familiarization ( it doesn’t sound to be a holiday onboard but work and know the ship).

Its your responsibility to ask questions, take note either by writing it down or by common recognition. Otherwise you can also request for a copy of your responsibility during emergency and also know that of other crews( in case you are to act on his or her behalf).

According to the SOLAS regulation, its important that ship crew responsibility are  carried out  during ship emergency drill at least once a week, to keep the crews inform about their responsibility and duties during emergency.

Ship crew responsibility during emergency!

Ship Crew Emergency drill

Always note, the first thing that kill someone onboard during emergency is always Fear, improper understanding on what to do and misconduct.

Shipboard Fire Fighting Drill: Steps for a proper fire drill under SOLAS

  1. An effective briefing (AKA: toolbox meeting) should be the starting point of any drill.
  2. Each drill should simulate reality as much as possible.
  3. Crew members need guidance and senior officers (Chief mate or Chief Engineer) should provide detailed guidance for each step of drill.
  4. Also an effective debriefing and a written evaluation should be final stage of each drill. This will provide the necessary confidence to crew members on how to react during real situations.
  5. Injured personnel evacuation with stretcher’s use should be part of the drill in order to provide training on different technics.
  6. Closing of all vents and CO2 injection most be explained to the crews.

We hope this post gives you more insight about your safety on-board ship. Share to reach friends who will also gain from the post. we wish you safe stay on-board.

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