Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency ( COC)

Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency

Ukraine as one of the approved Maritime certification country has in the resent time provides easy Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency and others.

The online verification of Ukraine marine certificates comes after the 2010 Manila convention.

It was a very welcome development to the Ukrainian seafarers and the agencies. This gives the companies in the diaspora to easily confirm and directly employ well-qualified personnel. Since this new development, the Ukrainian seafarers has been on the top rank of seafarers employees worldwide.

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It also adds to the quality and/or well recognition of her marine certificates. Thanks to the maritime administration team of Ukraine, who work hard in bringing wide international standards to the system.

Presently you can easily login to the official verification site and add your credentials for its status. Furthermore, they also made there official webpage available to all seafarers for easy access to the latest information.

This article is to help share the effort of the administration, and to encourage more.

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