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Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency ( COC)

Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency

Ukraine as one of the approved Maritime certification country has in the resent time provides easy Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency and others.

The Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency comes after the 2010 Manila convention. This includes all other marine documents issued in Ukraine, such as tanker endorsement, NTZ certificates, etc.

It was a very welcome development to the Ukrainian seafarers and the agencies. This gives the companies in the diaspora to easily confirm and directly employ well-qualified personnel.

Since this new development, the Ukrainian seafarers has been on the top rank of seafarers employees worldwide.

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It also adds to the quality and/or well recognition of her marine certificates. Thanks to the maritime administration team of Ukraine, who work hard in bringing wide international standards to the system.

Presently you can easily login to the official verification site verification.itcs.org.ua and add your credentials for its status. Furthermore, they also made there official webpage available to all seafarers for easy access to the latest information.

With the help of online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency and other seafaers documents, you will be able to check the following:

  • The legitimacy of NTZ certificates
  • Validity of qualification documents (COC)
  • The validity of medical documents
  • The validity of Tanker Certificates
  • Confirmation of the seafarers information

This article is to help share the effort of the administration, and to encourage more.

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Please see below work hours of the maritime inspector in Kiev and contact hotline to verify marine certificates incase the link placed above doesn’t work:

Inspection hotline



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Break: 13.00 – 13.45

Fri: 8.30 – 16.15

Break: 13.00 – 13.45

Sat, Sun and holidays – output


+38 044 333 4253


Address for correspondence: 04116 Ukraine,
m. Kyiv, street Proviantska, 3

Actual address: Kyiv,
st. Proviantska, 3

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13 thoughts on “Online verification of Ukrainian certificate of competency ( COC)”

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  3. Avatar of Marine And Offshore Insight Editorial

    Please note, we do not verify Ukrainian seafarers certificate, the recommended site and authority to verify coc was recommended on the article. Kindly confirm, if you were able to get that verified. If not, we can share more contacts to the right authority to quickly verify certificates. But be inform, only company or other countries authorities are authorized to verify someone COC. Processing time maybe 2-7 days.

  4. Avatar of Ariyan

    Can I apply for Ukrainian coc, if i am not a citizen from ukraine??
    If yes how to do so ? any procedures or website where i can check?

  5. Avatar of valanto charalambous
    valanto charalambous

    please verify the COC with number 02596/2019/08, name SERGIY DRACH, expiring date 06.08.2024.

    this is to proceed with his full term endorsement that he requested.

    thank you!
    Valanto Charalambous

  6. Avatar of nataly

    hi! i tried to register, but it turned out that 61 euro are debited from my bank account, how to cancel this payment & registration?

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