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Ship Oil Purifier not reaching normal RPM Reasons

Ship Oil Purifier not reaching normal RPM Reasons

Have you ever start an HFO or Oil Purifier and it never gets to it normal RPM? Are you in a problem with why your Oil separator refused to run properly after it reached to required rpm?

Don’t worry, I’m to guide you through step by step on how to solve these problems.

Firstly, if you are not familiar with purifier spare identification and working principle, I recommend you to check on our previous article to learn more

Low Purifier(Separator) RPM Reasons

When you start up a purifier, and the rpm refuses to increase to the required processing speed, it’s recommended to stop the purifier and check the following;

1. The brake pads and brake block: when the brake pads are not in the normal position, it will get in contact with the brake damper. This will cause the motor to continue pushing to increase the rpm and may cause the motor to damage. Moreover, in such case, the purifier may work, but during desludging, due to water weight, it may result in malfunctioning.

purifier Brake spare Elements Alfa laval
Brake Elements Alfa Laval – all right reserved.

2. Bearing wear: If the above-mentioned subject has been checked, all okay and problem continue, then you need to check the bearings.

3. Bowel not in the proper position: if the bowel is inclined or touching on the water distributor. This also can cause reductions on the rpm. After checking the above, try to inspect the water distributor and bowel seat surface for any contacts.

Other problems which may cause purifier not running properly.

Apart from the purifier not reaching it normal RPM, sometimes there are other functions that may cause your oil or FO separator to malfunction.

It’s recommended to clear all the water and oil nozzles during intermediate overhauling. Also inspect carefully on the O-rings and bowel cover sealing (normally 1.5 to 2mm). The water plugs should be outer about (2-3mm), anything less than required will cause water leakage and may result to bowl opening during operation.

separator Sealing rings for Alfa Laval purifier
separator Sealing rings for Alfa Laval purifier

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Furthermore, if you all the above are inspected and renewed, and your purifier still can operate normal or opens bowl while running, which will result in low oil pressure alarm. Then follow the next steps:

  1. Disconnect one end of the three water lines.
Alfa Laval oil separator
For Illustration only – Alfa Laval separator all right reserved.
  1. Clean and inspect the water filters.
  2. Box up the water filters and manually check the water pressures.
  3. Normally, the filling water pressure (top line) should be high above 0.3-0.8bar ( see manufacturer recommendation). While the bowel closing and opening water pressure should be less than filling water x2.
  4. Check the program time (recommended to use manufacturer tested time frame).

Once all of the above mentioned are properly check and rectified, your separator should work perfectly without any issues.

Note: This article is with reference to ALFA LAVAL purifier. The same principle can be used to solve problems in other purifiers like Westfalia separator, Mitsubishi separator, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Ship Oil Purifier not reaching normal RPM Reasons”

  1. Avatar of Pedie

    What cause the no shut alarm of the HFO purifier… When The Purifier start to proces the RPM is going slow din it will shut off.. IS there a problem of the rpm sensor?