Six Possible Reasons Why Seafarers May Fall Overboard

Possible Reasons Why Seafarers May Fall Overboard

Here are six mostly reasons why seafarers go overboard at the sea, why underway or at anchorage:
Rescue boat drill
✓Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
✓Working in low visibility or in rough sea conditions
✓Accidents such as loosing footing on deck.

✓ Being swept overboard by waves
✓Falling from an accommodation or ladder due to slippery surface.
✓Climbing on to or sitting on the ship’s railings without safety observed.
The above mentioned are the possible reasons a seafarer can go overboard. It’s highly recommended for the seafarers to manage the above mentioned , by following the safety measures.
In the other hands, weekly or monthly rescue boat drill most be conducted for easy rescue of any man overboard insident.
Note : Your life your career. No life, no hope. Work safe. Share and comment more reasons..
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