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To work onboard tanker vessel as Engineer Officer

To work on board tanker vessel as Engineer Officer

In other to work on-board tanker vessel as Engineer Officer, here is requirements according to the new law as amended 2010:


CDC (In good order, without Damage, Should be endorsed with ILO stamp)
Yellow Fever
Chem DCE
Gas DCE (if on gas tanker)
PST (as per STCW 2010)
PSCRB (as per STCW 2010)
AFF (as per STCW 2010)
MFA (as per STCW 2010)
Medical Care (For Masters) (as per STCW 2010)
PSSR (as per STCW 2010)
You may like to learn more about IMO guide about fraudulent certificates
SSO (Mandatory for Senior Deck Officers) (as per STCW 2010) or CPSDSD (as per STCW 2010)
TASCO (Specialised Tanker training OIL)
CHEMCO (Specialised Tanker training CHEM)
Flag State Docs
Medical (ILO, D/A, LFT, FLAG Mediclas)
Passport (With at least 6 Blank pages, machine readable, no handwritten and no 20 yrs. validity)
With our Affiliated traning  certre, we can help obtain all of the above certificates. If require, contact us. 
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