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Unique Problem Experienced on Man B&W Engine – Marine engineers

Unique Problem Experienced on Man B&W Engine - Marine engineers

This article will mainly be benefited by the marine engineers onboard. These are Unique experience gained from an engineer onboard, which may likely happen to anyone too. here are Unique Problem Experienced on Man B&W Engine – Marine engineers

This happened on MAM B&W 7S80MC, BHP:31920, Engine on nav full rpm 72. All of a sudden unit #1 stopped firing, the exhaust temperature came down, temperature deviation increased engine slowed down.

At slow rpm still, unit #1 was not firing. After some time stopped the engine and again started, it became normal up to 72 rpm. All parameters including FO temperature & pressure was normal.

A few hours later again the same problem happens, had to stop the engine. Unit #1 fuel injectors replaced, fuel pump & VIT function checked, mixing column vent & drain checked, f.o. heater checked for any water presence but all found normal.

The engine started again & rpm maintained 60 and found normal. In this condition, vsl crossed Gibraltar Strait. After 3-4 hrs when vsl at an open area in Atlantic, same problem came unit #1 stopped firing.

Engine stopped. Decided to check all units fuel valve, started from no.7, found normal, #6 found normal when No.5 (Aft) injector lifted, the body came up with a broken edge and broken part with nozzle remain seized in the pocket. Somehow managed to remove the broken part & new injector put in place and the problem solved.

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Actually, from #5 exhaust gas was entering to the fuel oil return system through the cracked injector head and unit #1 was affecting first due gas lock inside the fuel pump.

Reference: Abdullah (Chief Engineer)


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