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4 Tips To help ReduceFreshwater Consumption On Ship.

reducing freshwater consumption onboard ship

 Here are Very Important Methods Of Reducing Freshwater Consumption Onboard Ship.

=> Avoid using freshwater in deck washing

washing deck with fresh water is a job in which a lot of fresh water is consumed. People involved in this job must be advised to use as less water as possible.  In this case,  they can use sea water to start and make final washing with fresh water. A cock must be fitted on the hose to regulate or stop continues flow of fresh water.

=> Closing cabin cocks

sometimes we experience low pressure in the freshwater hydrophore( maybe do to pump autostart problems or low water in the tank), during such incident, we must learn how to close our cabin cock while leaving the cabin for your duties.  This is because when the Engineers rectifiers the problem,  the water will start running and may lose 1-2T of water within your 4 hours watch.

=> Line Leakage

To know and maintain line leak,  your boiler water cascade tank, and expansion tank to be filled manually and keep track of consumption so that any abnormality (due to line Leakage) can’t go undetected.

=> Meter log

Another method is to enter the cascade tank flow meter reading every day in the log book. That way you can keep a track of it day-wise and come to know when something is wrong.” I once remember we found a sudden jump in the flow meter reading for a couple of days only to investigate and find there were two major leaks in the steam lines to bunker tank heating”