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Quality Of Maritime Education In Ukraine

Are you in search about the quality of maritime education in Ukraine? Or you wish to know more better about the Ukrainian educational system?

On this post, we are to discuss more details regarding the above questions. While using the maritime field as a case study.

Firstly, location; Ukraine is located in the eastern part of Europe, with a large land map comparing to some European countries. The country is almost round with “black sea” and a river called “Dnieper”. Kiev is her capital, also comes with a major maritime city Odessa.

Education In Ukraine
Ukrainian map, edited from google map, all rights reserve.

Having known that, let’s talk about the country’s general educational system; Ukraine has a well established system of education with the levels set at preschool, primary, secondary, upper secondary and postgraduate education.

For foreign students who wish to study postgraduate in Ukraine, they are mandated to provide their country’s upper secondary educational results. Base on the result and area of studies, you may be ask to write another entering exam on arrival to Ukraine.

However, the exams are normally base on general knowledge which you might have passed through in upper secondary level. Including testing your ability on the course you are applying for.

Maritime level of education and its quality.

The maritime educational quality in Ukraine is quite organized. With Ukrainian seafarers topping the shipping market base on quality services and manpower.

For marine engineering, you are required to spend up to four years on studies, to qualify Bachelor of engineering, same goes to the nautical science ( BSc ). Before graduation, you are mandated to have up to 6-12 months of sea experience.

Without sea experience, none of the Ukrainian maritime university or academy will issue you what they called “protocol”. The protocol shows your qualification and eligibility for harbour master to issue you seafarers COC (certificate of competency) license.

How is Ukraine maritime education system comparing to others?

The Ukrainian maritime system of education is a little different from other countries like UK, India, Singapore, Philippines, etc. Their system requires every officer to pass through high maritime education (postgraduate), with well recognized and of the standard.

Unlike other maritime countries where you can register for a course classes of six months or less and after that you will write an exam to qualify for COC.

 Education In Ukraine
Best Shipbuilding university in Ukraine, students graduation photo, all right reserved

How hard is it to pass maritime education in Ukraine?

All hands are not equal, meaning it depends on individual effort and willing. For me, it’s as easy as anything else. Since I like the field, I put much efforts to study hard, make research on my field of study, and graduated with “A’s “.

But still, some students do find it difficult to pass courses. I personally believe it’s just a lazy once. Today does lazy students try to find means to pass the courses in any affordable way. With the increase in lazy students, it’s quite understood that the future education is at risk.

Is Ukrainian maritime COC recognize worldwide?

Presently at the time of this article, the Ukrainian COC and other marine documents are well recognise worldwide. In fact, Ukraine uses to have up to 4-10k or more foreign students every year both on the maritime field and others.

How can I apply for Ukrainian maritime courses?

Anyone can apply for maritime or other fields courses in Ukraine. So far your country has a better relationship with Ukraine authority. It’s recommended to verify the course you are applying before engagement.

We at marine and offshore insight, open and educational page to help anyone who wishes to study in Ukraine. Consultation is free and most services are also free. This is to give support to the young marine professionals.


To become whatever you wish in life requires efforts and financial support. We believe with this amazing system of education, all students are to benefit with a suitable and awesome career.

It’s quite unfortunate that the cadets are not getting space for job/sea experience. Which has been one of the major challenges faces by the most student. But still, if efforts are made, you will find a place to engage yourself.


We hope this article helps someone out there. If you have questions, feel free to drop it on the comment box below.

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