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4th Engineer duties and Responsibilities

4th Engineer duties and Responsibilities

4th Engineer who is a licensed member of the engine department onboard a merchant ship is as well the first rank promotion of the engine department.

Moreover, the fourth engineer rank is very stumbling upon by a lot of responsibilities, which need to be completely satisfactory.

According to the ranking rules On-board all types of merchant’s vessels, irrespective of the shipping company, a 4th engineer shall report to the second engineer, who assign the duties to him, both when the ship is at sea or at port also whose orders he or she shall consider effective and binding as though emanating from the Chief Engineer.

4th Engineer duties and Responsibilities
Photo Credited to Engineer Amos

The 4th engineer who is already train during his or her cadet-ship, however, is to assist the 2nd engineer by a directive in carrying out maintenance duties according to the PMS (Planned Maintenance System).

In other hands, the 4th engineer is to work side by side with other engineers; to promote his or her knowledge while on board.

Duties and responsibilities of a 4th engineer.

Practically, the major duties in which 4th engineer require to be an expert on are ;

“Basically, we can achieve fuel separation by means of gravity in a settling tank, but by using the means of centrifuging the fuel could quicken the job as well as removing more impurities from the fuel. As the fourth engineer on board, you need to understand the operating process, problems which may occur during operations and possibility to solve them.”

“These are pumps use on board ship or vessels to transfer liquids. There are different types of marine pumps found on board ships. As part of a fourth engineer duty, he or she has to know more about them also can operate and fix problems.”

” Air Compressor is one of the engine auxiliaries which is used for several purposes on a ship. 4th Engineer must have knowledge on how to fix problems regarding this equipment.”

“Line Tracing is a special task every 4th engineer most know because it’s something he or she has to go through in all his career on board ships. Sometimes it takes a good understanding of the proper way to trace the line before getting it right.”

“Tank Sounding is a term used for taking a measurement of the number of fluids in the tanks of a ship. Its the duty of a fourth engineer to carry out daily sounds and report to the chief or second engineer as observed.”

The above-listed points are basic duties which every 4th engineer most learn during training. I will not deep in more on explaining the above-mentioned duties because it’s already on some of our previous articles.

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