Rank responsibility during dry dock preparation

Learn more about your rank responsibility during dry dock preparation

Drydock preparation sometimes seems to be a difficult task mostly to the deck department.

On this article, we are going to enlighten you about ship dry dock preparation, using deck department as a case study.

Firstly we are going to list the duties and responsibilities of each ranks starting from the captain ship is under going dry dock preparation.

1. The captain responsibility

During preparation of ship dry dock, the captain responsibility is to check all ship documents, note the dates behind the document, if possible create a list of all documents (Name of the document, purpose, date of issue, date of expiry, and remarks) with help of 3rd or 2nd mate.

Not only that, the captain should take a proper inspection with his deck crew, noting down areas of defects. Also, the captain should check and make sure that the chief mate has a safety plan for his crew and the guest onboard.

2. The Chief mate responsibility

During dry dock preparation, the chief mate has a lot of jobs to do. Chief mate being the chief security officer onboard has to plan for his ship safety, equipment security, carry out inspections, prepare defect list with measures, note flashpoint area, prepare forms and other documents.

All these things are to be carried out with the help of 2nd mate ( if available).


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3. Second mate responsibility

The second mate also has a role to play during ship dock preparation, he is to assist both captain and chief mate to get the listed jobs done. Not only that, he needs to update and check his documents relating to the navigation system, medical first aid box onboard, hospital equipment and others.

In case he does not have 3rd mate onboard, he is to check defect and note down for all safety equipment eg: the portable fire extinguishers, life jackets, breathing equipment, etc.

Note, if in case he has the third mate onboard, the third mate is to carry out the functions and also help the top officers.

Learn more about your rank responsibility during dry dock preparation
Oliva II at Niger dock

Engine Room department

1. Chief engineer responsibility

The chief engineer is the head of the engine department, he has a big role to play during dry dock preparation. He is to maintain the machinery dry dock defect list, with the help of the 2nd engineer, third engine and 4th engine, as part the dry dock preparation.

2. Second engineer responsibility

Most second engineers don’t like to attend ship which dry dock is close. Why? Because they have a lot of jobs to do. They are to take all engine valves measures, they take records of all spare ROB (Remain On Board), how many required for each overhaul which require to be carried out, etc.

The task for second engineers uses to be a very hard task. But it’s always easy if you have the experience already. Therefore, it’s advisable to at least, try one drydock attendance. This will help your career.

3. Third Engineer responsibility

He is to prepare all auxiliaries spares, requisitions, and also note defects. All his reports should be made known to his boss ( 2nd Engineer).

The same thing is applicable to the 4th Engineer if available. All work hand to hands to reduce the workforce.

The electrical officer also works on his area, to give reports regarding electrical defects to the chief or second engineer.

Meanwhile, the ratings are people who help the officers in reaching their responsibility, by attending jobs as instructed.

What results do we have after all of the above?

Upon good dry dock preparation, you will find it very easy when in the dock. When any questions arise, you will have the answer very fast and simple.

The list above can also include the additional information or request from the superintendent who is in charge of the ship. He also has a lot of jobs to carry out.

In conclusion, my advice is to prepare very well and maintain safety as first. In some dry dock, you must note down how dock works enter any compartment. Otherwise, after dry dock, you will end up losing your spares, tools, and others.

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