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On arrival or boarding any type of ship; either as a crew member, passenger, a cabin (a living room) will be provided for you and inside it are equipped with furnitures, electronics, means of commutation, etc.

The cabin will serve as a personal home throughout your stay onboard the vessel. Depending on the ship cabin plans and arrangement, some cabins might have only one person occupancy or between 2 – 4 persons in one.

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When it comes to cruise ships, only same sex crews or passengers are placed in a cabins with multiple beds, except in VIP area where ever top crew officers, passengers with family or friends can stay single or together. While in cargo ships crews area placed as per ranks; executive cabins (2 room in one) for top four officers ( capt, chief engineer, chief mate, second engineer) and single ones for crews. In case of less rooms, crews can be two in one cabin of double Bunks (beds), with few drawers (to store your luggages), and a small tiny bathroom.

Since not everyone knows how to maintain proper cleanliness or hygiene, then comes in the crew accommodation convention requirements 92 – 133 of MLC, ILO..


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